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3 “New Year, New You” Resolutions for 2019 and how to keep them!

Making a New Year’s resolution is a fantastic way to make a
positive change in your life, whether it’s going to the gym, waking up earlier,
or saving your money. We seem to always be looking to increase our happiness, to
grow and get better, or just improve our lives.

Statistically, it is very rare you’ll keep your resolutions
for the entire year. According to U.S.
, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of
February, so the odds are not in your favor. BUT! We want to change that!

Below are the top three New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s take a
quick look at those and then see how we can help you keep them!

  1. Land a new jobMillennials are predicted to change jobs four times before they turn 32 years-old , so if you’re looking to find another job this year, you’re not alone.
  2. Save moneyNot only do you want to save more in 2019, you’ll want to be able to make more money, too.
  3. Manage stress – Over time, chronic stress can have harmful effects on your body, so remaining calm, cool, and collected is crucial.

Instead of making many resolutions and then not being able
to get them done… let’s make ONE resolution… a new career!   How can you do that? Our suggestion is to get
a short-term, career education so you can land a job with a larger paycheck and
better benefits. That allows you to save money and when we eliminate the “more
month than money” issues, we reduce our stress greatly.

But, where do you find a short-term education program that
leads to a nationally recognized certification for that new career? How do you
get that done not in a year or two, but possibly within 2-3 months? That’s where ProTrain
can help!
Let us help you make a start towards better pay, better
working conditions, better benefits, and better everything!

Don’t procrastinate, let’s get it done! Below are three tips to getting started!

  1. Make a list of what your new career will do for you!
  2. Decide what reward you will give yourself for getting it done!
  3. Eliminate all negative thoughts and replace them with the positive ones from #1.

It is said that you are never too old to start a new career. A career change can take place during any point of your life. And, once you start the change from a job to a career, it means that a wonderful new start is ahead of you, a fresh, clean slate for brand new achievements. We look forward to seeing the “New You” soon!