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How would you like to increase staff retention?improve productivity?ensure financial growth?

We would love to help you do that!

The experts at ProTrain will assess your training needs and develop a customized plan to increase your staff’s performance with high-demand, stackable job skills and professional development training for National Certifications. Our training can be tailored to groups or individuals, and structured according to your needs and preferences.

During training, our subject matter experts (SME) will share their relevant, up-to-date knowledge of changing trends and important policies within your industry. Our customized approach also makes it possible to address any specific challenges your organization is facing, so you can move forward knowing you’ve done everything you can to build a successful business with a knowledgeable staff you can depend on.

Benefits to Your Business

Quality Training, Done Your Way

Here are just a few of the benefits that education and training through ProTrain can bring to your business.

Investing in Staff Pays Off

Investing in Staff Pays Off

Statistics show that employees are happier, and more likely to stay at a company where they feel valued and appreciated. By providing quality training and education, you send the message that you believe in your workers and want them to share in the success of your business. They confidently return to work with the skills they need to do a great job, and your business reaps the benefits of increased productivity and less employee turn-over.

Onsite or Online Group Training

Onsite or Online Group Training

We offer group training rates for businesses, corporations, hospitals, and government entities in whatever learning environments is best for your needs. Classes can be scheduled at your convenience and tailored to your specific organization. Locations for training include local universities, colleges, community colleges, military installations and online with access 24/7.

We Do All the Work!

We Do All the Work!

Why add stress to your management staff by expecting them to lead training programs they may not be prepared or qualified for? ProTrain provides all training resources and materials, including qualified subject matter experts who can really dig deep and deliver actionable, industry-specific information that your employees can use right away.

Training Options

Upgrade Your Employees

Over 300 Certificate and Certification Programs are available through Distance Learning and In-Classroom Environments

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business and Leadership
  • Career and Hospitality
  • Education and Personal Development
  • Green and Renewable Energy
  • Healthcare and Allied Health
  • Human Skills
  • Or request CUSTOM training

Anytime, Anywhere, In-Demand, Portable Educational Training

Let’s work together to ensure the success of your business and its employees!

Established in 2004, ProTrain has built and maintained a proven record of quality:

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