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Academic Partners

Extend Your Reach with a ProTrain partnership

Education in America has changed. Though many of the traditional educational programs are still encouraged, there is also a growing need for ongoing training and certification throughout the life of a career.

Additionally, the need for academic flexibility through online programs and self-paced courses has grown exponentially.

By partnering with ProTrain, you can extend your academic reach and increase revenue by providing more educational opportunities for individuals at various phases of their professional career. Here are just a few ways partnering with ProTrain makes this possible.

Education To Employment

ProTrain provides a better student experience by offering unique courses and programs at an affordable price. Our certification programs align with the U.S. Department of Labor high demand careers to help students go directly from the classroom into professional careers.

Reach Corporate Audiences

ProTrain is in a unique position to work with corporations and groups to provide in-house, industry specific training to current employees and staff. This extends the academic reach even further since we can provide ongoing education and certifications.

Offer More learning Options

Together, we can provide educational options that are a great fit for students’ lifestyles and learning styles. Online learning has become the norm. By offering live onsite and online instructor-led courses, as well as self-paced online courses, we can make quality education more accessible to all students, no matter where they live or what their life circumstances are.

The Process

How Partnership with ProTrain Works

Partner Development

Our team will work with you to develop a business strategy for growing enrollments that supports the mission of your institution. We will then conduct regular outreach meetings to manage the training, marketing, and operational needs of our partnership.

Program Creation and Maintenance

Our Training Department handles all three modalities of training. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best resources for the program of your choice, and then we will maintain and deliver schedules, instructors, exams, and any necessary materials for class.


Our Training Assessment Managers (TAM’s) will connect with leads and recruit students for Online, In Classroom and Live Online Instructor-Led courses. They will also counsel students through the enrollment process and offer advice on financial services.

Student Support

ProTrain’s Student Services Department offers enrollment, course content, and IT tech support to all enrolled students. We will also provide progress reports and checks for school partners and students. After an academic program is completed, either ProTrain or our School Partner will issue a certificate of completion to the student and provide exam vouchers, if applicable.

What Your School Does

Support the success of our partnership by having a stellar reputation in your marketplace. Partnership also requires:

  • Involvement with your local WIOA leadership
  • Allowing open houses and information sessions to include virtual outreach
  • Providing a key point of contact and facilities support
  • Marketing the partnership with the provided marketing materials
  • Providing a variety of programs

Marketing Materials

Ensuring a Successful & Profitable Program

ProTrain goes the extra mile to ensure our partners have everything they need to market programs effectively and meet enrollment goals. ProTrain provides the following:

  • A Free Website branded with your colors and logo to list the programs you want to offer
  • Ad Designs and Marketing Flyers to highlight top-selling programs
  • Course Catalogues for select programs
  • Press Releases/Media Contacts to highlight your offerings
  • Event Support – Posters/Displays
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Easy access to Training Assessment Managers

Anytime, Anywhere, In-Demand, Portable Educational Training

Let’s work together to ensure the academic success of more students!

Established in 2004, ProTrain has built and maintained a proven record of quality:

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