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The Biggest Advantage to Online Training: Choices

The Biggest Advantage to Online Training: Choices

We are proud to say that ProTrain online training programs are among the best in the business. But in general, we view online training as a superior option for most people looking for vocational training to change careers, enhance a current career path, or pursue a new career just out of high school. We can encapsulate why in a single word: choices.

Degree programs at colleges and state universities have their legitimate advantages. For instance, there is something to be said about the regimented training the person goes through in order to become a surgeon. But for the types of careers we cater to, a degree program with very few choices isn’t necessary.

Online career training is meant to be highly targeted. It is designed to be very specific. Rather than forcing students to follow a strictly designed regimen of courses, some of which are completely unnecessary to the student’s career path, we allow students to pursue education in the way that fits them best.

Only the Courses You Need

The first and most prominent area of choice with ProTrain online training programs is found in the actual courses students take. As a student, you would take only the courses you need to continue in your career path. There is no need to take two years of liberal arts when you just want to be a network security specialist. So instead, you can take courses like our A+, Net+, or Security+ certification course.

If you do want to take extra courses to enhance your certifications, you can. You would pick and choose from our course selection to maximize your training. You get just what you need without any fluff.

Access to Suit Every Student

ProTrain online training programs offer additional choices in terms of course access. You do not tend to get a lot of choice with a typical college degree program. Choose ProTrain and you’ll be given three access options:

  1. Self-paced Online Courses Self-paced online means you can sign up for and access your chosen courses online at whatever time is most convenient for you. A 12-month course would be available around the clock for 365 days.
  2. Live OnlineLive Online courses are delivered online but in a live setting. They are on a set schedule. You log in at the scheduled time for the class and follow the instructor live. You might also be able to interact with the instructor.
  3. Live In PersonLive In Person courses are taught in a physical classroom. You would report to the classroom on the assigned date and time for instruction. Even though this particular option is technically not online learning, some of our students need it for certain courses.

We also offer Mentor Supported and Mentored Live courses as well. Please don’t be afraid to ask about them when you call for more information.

The Course Outcomes You Need

One last consideration in terms of choice is course outcome. We offer both certificate and certification courses. What’s the difference? Certificate courses lead to a certificate being issued, by ProTrain, at the completion of the course. The certificate demonstrates that you have completed the assigned material.

A certification course prepares you to sit for a certification exam offered by a nationally accredited body. You receive your certificate from that body after passing the exam. Both types of courses can enhance a person’s career.

ProTrain online training programs are available for numerous career paths, including network security, software development, healthcare and allied health, and human resources. For additional information and answers to your questions, call (844) 292-8641 to speak with a career counselor.