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Online Learning: What are the Benefits of Instructor-Led Courses?

Online learning is what we are all about here at ProTrain. Many of our students are just beginning to plot their career paths while others are looking for a new career. Still others are taking online training to further the career paths they are currently on. They all have one thing in common: access to instructor-led courses through ProTrain.

Another Way to Learn

You might not think of instructor-led courses when you think of online learning. As we see it, instructor-led courses are yet another way for students to learn. We believe in giving students as many options as possible, which is why we offer three types of instructor-led courses:

  1. Live OnlineLive Online courses are just as their name implies. They are conducted live and led by an instructor but, rather than meeting in a physical space on a college campus, students meet with their instructor online. These courses have specific dates and meeting times, but still have a minimum number of students that must be registered for the course to start.
  2. Live MentoredLive Mentored courses combine the principles of self-paced learning with regularly scheduled online mentoring sessions. Instructors mentor their students throughout the entire course cohort.
  3. Season Passes – Our Season Pass program is an add-on program designed for students already enrolled in qualifying self-paced courses. Season passes offer eligible students access to live sessions with a mentor as well as additional mentorship through email and virtual discussion boards.

If you are interested in learning more about the Season Pass add-on, check out our Season Pass for the CompTIA+ courses. It is pretty typical of how Season Passes work.

Also note that ProTrain does offer a limited number of instructor-led courses held in physical classrooms. We collaborate with partners throughout the country to facilitate these courses. However, most of our courses are offered online.

Why Instructor-Led Courses

Perhaps you’re now wondering why students should consider instructor-led courses. After all, self-paced courses tend to cost less and can be completed on the student’s schedule. Most of our self-paced classes allow access for a full year, giving students plenty of time to complete the work.

Self-paced courses do bring an awful lot to the table. But there are particularly good reasons to choose instructor-led courses when available. Here are just a few of them:

1. More Structure

Some of our students struggle with self-paced courses because they already have a busy schedule. Instructor-led courses offer a bit more structure and that students must keep to the schedule in order to finish the work. By going with an instructor-led course, a student who struggles to manage time has study time already scheduled out in advance.

2. Access to the Instructor

Students obviously have direct access to an instructor when taking an instructor-led course. For many students, this benefit is invaluable. The ability to ask questions, probe a bit deeper, and even have meaningful conversations about subject material can go a long way toward enhancing a student’s learning.

3. Collaboration With Other Students

Even in an online environment, students enrolled in the same instructor-led course can collaborate. In fact, promoting collaboration is one of the extra benefits of the Season Pass program. Students collaborate on virtual discussion boards just as if they were sitting in the same room and talking with one another.

There are valid reasons for both instructor-led and self-paced online courses. We offer choices so that each student can complete their training in whatever way works best. For more information about a specific course, contact us by sending an email to You can also speak with one of our career counselors by calling (844) 292-8641.