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How a ProTrain Course Bundle Could Help You in Your Career

How a ProTrain Course Bundle Could Help You in Your Career

Some of the business training programs available through ProTrain are offered as bundles. In essence, a bundle combines multiple, smaller training programs into a larger package. ProTrain’s Human Skills – Administrative course bundle is the perfect example. It is ideal for HR professionals.

The bundle will not prepare an HR worker to become an associate professional in human resources (APHR) or senior professional and human resources (SHPR). But it will help any HR professional be more proficient and effective in the office. Interested in learning more? Keep reading.

Contributing to a Well-Run Office

When introducing the Human Skills – Administrative bundle, we like to remind students that “a well-run office reduces miscommunications and helps to eliminate common errors.” You can even find this particular text within the online description here on our website. In a nutshell, acquiring the knowledge and skills this bundle offers prepares you to contribute your part to a well-run office.

The bundle is a soft skills bundle that combines all the skills required to successfully maintain a well-run office into an 88-hour educational program. The course is self-paced and accessible for 12 months. That means you can work your way through each of its 11 curriculum sections as you have the time and energy. As long as you complete the material within 12 months, you are good to go.

At course completion, you receive a certificate issued by ProTrain. The certificate demonstrates that you have completed all the coursework necessary to satisfy course requirements. In addition to the certificate, you will also possess a body of knowledge and skills that will make you more valuable to your employer.

What the Sections Cover

All our business training programs are designed to provide a targeted body of knowledge along with associated skills. The Human Skills – Administrative bundle is no exception. With this bundle, you get 11 jam-packed curriculum sections covering the following topics:

  • Administrative Office Procedures
  • Administrative Support
  • Archiving and Records Management
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Business Writing
  • Collaborative Business Writing
  • Executive and Personal Assistant
  • Meeting Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Supply Chain Management

Each section contains up to 12 modules to work through. The modular approach makes for a better learning environment inasmuch as it offers information in bite size chunks. You can take in the information as quickly or slowly as you need to.

Knowledge With Real World Applications

We want you to know that this particular bundle doesn’t flood you with information that has no day-to-day value. Instead, you learn things that are applicable in the real world. For example, consider the second section: Administrative Support.

The second and third modules in this section are all about getting and staying organized. They cover things like dealing with email and voicemail. You learn about organizing a workspace, utilizing a to-do book, and leveraging project management techniques.

The Social Media in the Workplace section is especially important given the role social media plays in modern business. Modules cover things like defining social media policy, social media security, posting rules, and so forth.

Everything You Need in One Package

As previously stated, our Human Skills – Administrative bundle will not result in certification as an associate or senior professional in human resources. But it will make you a better human resources manager. If you are just starting out in your HR career, the bundle could lay the foundation for future advancement.

We invite you to learn more about the bundle by calling (844) 292-8641. If you are sure you’re ready to enroll in the course, contact is via email at