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Update on Tuition Assistance

ProTrain continues to try and direct your students who ask about financial aid or options to fund their training and certifications programs to resources that may be available to them for free, such as WIOA funding if they are unemployed, other third party funding such as through some United Way organizations, Catholic Charities, the Red Cross, or other organizations local to you as well as inquire if their employer has a tuition reimbursement or match program.

We want them to get all of the support that they can to further their career without taking on any debt and encourage them to seek that funding by directing them to some sources we have located near your institution, including the local workforce office.

We also offer your students the ProTrain Payment Plan (if you school has elected to allow us to make this offer, not all schools do and we respect that decision unique to each institution). This is a zero interest, zero additional cost “layaway” option where the student pays 50 percent down and makes either three or four payments, which allows your students to purchase (out of pocket) the education to employment program from you and end their program with zero student loan debt.

We previously have offered a low interest short term signature loan program, but have had very few students interested in it or apply for it, therefore beginning on Sept. 1, we will no longer offer that option at ProTrain.  We believe it is in the best interest of the student to assist them in locating funding for their program if they need it and to not have any student complete a program in debt.

If you have any questions about tuition assistance, or wish to promote that to your students as a way to help them advance their careers, please contact Dr. Victoria Steeger at 919-346-0947 or and she will work with you to help increase the opportunities for your students new and growing career education.