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Online Learning: Perfect for Modern Continuing Education

Online Learning: Perfect for Modern Continuing Education

Online continuing education is what ProTrain specializes in. We offer dozens of professional certification courses that prepare students to take certification exams in a variety of industries. We are not alone. Online learning has been adopted by nearly every educational institution and training company in America. It is perfect for modern continuing education built on digital technologies.

We invite you to take a look at our entire selection of courses. We offer courses in more than a dozen categories, including:

The best part about pursuing continuing education with ProTrain is that we give you various delivery options to work with. We offer Live Mentored classes, Online Live selections, and even self-paced courses that give you the freedom to learn when you can best fit it into your schedule.

The Wave of the Present

It is not unusual to talk about a new trend as being the wave of the future. By contrast, we prefer to describe modern online learning as the ‘wave of the present’. Online learning is so prolific in higher education that roughly 75% of all post-secondary students in the U.S. took classes online during the fall 2020 semester.

In 2021, public colleges and universities enrolled approximately 8.5 million students in online classes. Private universities enrolled 2.7 million while nonprofit institutions and for-profit schools enrolled 1.9 million and 800,000 respectively.

Even though the number of students who pursued education online dropped in the years following the pandemic, online enrollment today is still much higher than pre-pandemic enrollment. We say all of this to say that online continuing education is the norm in 2024.

Making Continuing Education More Convenient

One of the things that makes online learning such a perfect fit for continuing education is convenience. It is one thing to attend a college or university in person when you’re first earning a degree. But afterward, when you are working full-time and developing personal and professional relationships, in-person classes are more challenging. They take precious time away from other things.

Learning online means being able to take classes when they fit into your schedule. In a continuing education scenario, this is ideal. You can earn a new certification when you have the time to put into it. If you don’t, that’s okay. You rearrange your schedule to fit in another certification course when you can.

Note that pursuing continued education via online learning is not a walk in the park. You need to put in the time and effort. You need to put in the work. It is just that doing so is more convenient and more conducive to your schedule.

Better Yourself and Your Career

Organizations like ProTrain don’t help students get college or university degrees. Rather, we focus on continuing education. We focus on helping students better themselves and their careers by learning new things, obtaining new skills, and being certified in areas that are not typically available through traditional college or university training.

Whether you are looking to enhance the training you received in school or open the door to new opportunities through professional development, continuing education is the way to go. And as far as we’re concerned, learning online is the most convenient way to do it.

Take a look at our complete selection of courses to get a better idea of what we offer. Every course has its own dedicated page complete with course description, details, and pricing. If you need help signing or just have a question, be sure to let us know. Email for more info ( about a course.