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Level Up Your Career in the Cloud with AWS Certifications

Level Up Your Career in the Cloud with AWS Certifications

If you are 30 years old or younger, you don’t know a world without Amazon. Those between 31 and 40 likely don’t remember much about Amazon in its early days. And yet the company is so prolific that it is now a major player in cloud computing by way of Amazon Web Services (AWS). If your career involves cloud computing in any way, you might consider leveling up by getting a few AWS certifications.

AWS is to cloud computing what Amazon’s website is to retail. To call it prolific is to acknowledge the obvious. In addition to building a world class cloud platform, Amazon is also developing a number of certifications IT professionals can earn to demonstrate their skills in training.

It’s Not Just One Course

It is easy for someone not involved in IT to assume that being AWS-certified means having taken a single course and passing an exam covering basic AWS concepts. But there is so much more to it than that. Here at ProTrain, we offer a complete menu of AWS certification courses. Our selection includes:

These are just three of our courses. There are more to choose from as well. Our courses will prepare you to sit for each certification’s exam. Best of all, you can complete our courses in the way that best suits you: Online Live, Live Mentored, or self-paced.

AWS Skills Are in High Demand

If you are worried about spending the time and money getting AWS-certified only to find that it doesn’t help your career, you can put those fears to rest. AWS skills are in high demand. Consider the following quote from a November 2023 Business Insider piece by Jenn Rourke:

“Similarly, so many businesses use AWS that an AWS outage can bring wide swaths of an industry to a standstill. Popular video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ use AWS…”

Rourke went on to explain that a significant 2023 AWS outage left many of the previously mentioned streaming services unavailable. Service was intermittent until technicians had rectified the issues. Needless to say that the outages would have been much worse had there not been enough workers to do the job.

Certification Is Worth It

We will not lie and make it sound like earning AWS certifications is easy. It is not. For starters, you need to have a basic understanding of cloud computing and networks. It helps to have some real-world experience under your belt as well. Otherwise, you could find yourself lost as you go through a certification course.

That said, committing the time and effort necessary should pay off in the long run. Your study may be grueling. You may be very tired at the end of every day. But once you take and pass your exam, you will be able to include your certification on your resume, business cards, etc.

How does that help? Every AWS certification you earn makes you more valuable as an IT professional. You will be more valuable to your current employer and, should you decide to look for another job, other employers with whom you will apply. You will command a higher salary and a better benefits package.

As prolific as AWS is, there aren’t enough certified technicians to meet current demand. The jobs are out there if you want one. ProTrain can help with our selection of AWS certification courses that will prepare you for each exam you want to take. Feel free to look through our professional development courses or contact us for answers to your specific questions. Enroll in the specific course