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In the spotlight: Tidewater Community College

This month, ProTrain did a Q&A with partner Tidewater Community College in an effort to share best practices examples with all our partner programs. TideWater

What is has been the largest benefit to your organization from your ProTrain partnership?

In the past year of transition, in the leadership of TCC Workforce Solutions, our partnership with ProTrain has allowed us to offer a large and diverse range of online courses to students. Especially students who want training in courses that we are not offering “live.” For many adult students in Workforce Solutions, the flexibility of an online program is appealing because of busy work and family schedules.

What do you consider your biggest success since offering courses through ProTrain?

I think our biggest success is being able to meet the needs of workforce students with 24/7 courses that enable them to reach personal and career goals.

What is the #1 tip you’d give about promoting your courses?

Marketing is always a challenge when you serve a large geographical area. Most of our online students find us through Internet searches that lead them to Tidewater Community College where our ProTrain courses are listed with all Workforce Solutions open enrollment offerings.

What has the feedback from your students been like?

Because our community college has five campuses in five cities, our students enjoy not having to travel long distances to reach a campus where a particular program is offered. They enjoy being able to work from home, not tied to a given schedule and time frame, and able to work at their own pace. Some of our students already have advanced college degrees but want to gain industry certification in a high-demand career field and ProTrain is a perfect fast-track pathway for experienced learners.

Anything else you’d like to include?

ProTrain staff members are extremely responsive and helpful in providing information and assistance whenever we have questions.