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Get Into Cloud Computing With a Cloud Practitioner Course

Get Into Cloud Computing With a Cloud Practitioner Course

Information technology (IT) continues to be one of the most exciting and rewarding careers around. Technology is still advancing at a rapid pace, and today’s IT workers are on the cutting edge of it all. If this sounds intriguing, consider getting into cloud computing with a cloud practitioner course from ProTrain.

Virtually everything related to network computing in the 2020s is in some way related to the cloud. Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure dominate the landscape. Anyone looking for an IT career could choose from a range of specialties ranging from network security to software-as-a-service (SaaS). Choosing to become a cloud practitioner wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

More About the Career

It is difficult to come up with an accurate description of a cloud practitioner for someone who knows little about cloud computing. In the simplest possible terms, a cloud practitioner is someone capable of bridging the gap between cloud environments and non-technical users. They know and understand cloud computing from a more general perspective.

A cloud practitioner:

  • Thoroughly grasps fundamental cloud computing concepts.
  • Has a working knowledge of a variety of cloud services, like AWS.
  • Understands how to apply cloud computing for business purposes.
  • Knows how to perform most fundamental cloud tasks.

Maybe you’ve always been interested in cloud computing but didn’t know how to break into the industry. Starting as a cloud practitioner will get your foot in the door. A cloud practitioner course from ProTrain could be your ticket to a rewarding career in cloud computing.

You could also benefit from a cloud practitioner course if you already work in IT in a non-technical role but need to understand the cloud a little bit better. Getting certified as a cloud practitioner certainly could help your resume.

Multiple Programs to Choose From

You will be happy to know that ProTrain training isn’t limited to a single cloud practitioner course. Our course options include, but are not limited to:

Each of our courses has its own time commitment and end goals. Upon completion, you are prepared to sit for the corresponding certification exam which, when passed, allows you to include the appropriate credentials on your resume. Being credentialed demonstrates you possess a certain level of knowledge and skill in the particular area a course covers.

Feel free to look each of these courses up here on the ProTrain website. Each course page includes a button you can click to request more information. We are happy to answer your questions prior to your enrollment.

Prepare on Your Time

One of the benefits of taking a cloud practitioner course from ProTrain is being able to prepare for certification on your time. We understand that modern life is busy. You have a schedule you need to keep, even as you work training in with your other activities. Our courses are ideal for the busy lifestyle.

Each of our cloud practitioner courses is based on a self-paced model. You sit down and study when it is most conducive for you. You learn as quickly or slowly as you need to while you prepare to take your cloud certification exam.

Being certified as a cloud practitioner instantly makes you hirable as an entry-level cloud specialist. You can go on to earn further certifications as you work your way up the employment ladder. We encourage you to consider the cloud practitioner option as a starting point for an exciting career in IT and cloud computing. To speak with a career counsellor, call 1 (844) 292-8641.