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How PMP Certification Could Help Your Project Management Career

How PMP Certification Could Help Your Project Management Career

You have our respect as an accomplished project manager. Your chosen career is not an easy one. Project managers take on a huge amount of responsibility that so many others just wouldn’t be able to handle. That said, we do have a question: are you certified as a project management professional (PMP)?

A PMP is a project manager who has been certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as having the appropriate skills and experience to manage and lead projects effectively. To our knowledge, no state requires that project managers be certified. But being certified by the PMI could certainly help you move your career forward.

How Being Certified Could Help

Taking a PMP certification program prepares you to sit for the official PMI exam. There is a lot to know before you can take this exam. Therefore, we offer a number of different programs to choose from based on your needs. More on that later. First however, here are five key ways being certified could help you in your career:

1. An Enhanced Skill Set

Among the many things you will learn in a PMP certification program are the best practices that define your job. Through these best practices you will gain an enhanced skill set that will make you a better project manager. From initiating to managing to closing projects, you will do things better than you ever have before.

2. Recognition and Credibility

Being PMI certified brings with it additional recognition and credibility. Note that the PMP certification is recognized worldwide as a credential that proves your abilities as a project management professional. The credential improves your ability to compete for the best jobs in the industry.

3. More Career Opportunities

Believe it or not, employers actively seek out certified PMPs. Being offered new opportunities makes you more valuable to your current employer as well as giving you the chance to look at other positions that might be more to your liking. As long as your skills are in demand, you will be more competitive in the job market.

4. Greater Earning Potential

Being credentialed in any industry almost always translates into greater earning potential. Employers like to see certifications and licensing. They like to see an effort to earn additional credentials because it demonstrates a person’s willingness to constantly improve. If for no other reason, you should consider completing a PMP certification program to boost your financial value.

5. Personal Accomplishment

Finally, completing a course and passing the certification exam should result in a sense of personal accomplishment that subsequently increases your confidence as a project manager. Increased confidence can only help as you seek to advance your career as far as it will take you. In addition, you don’t have to stop with the PMP certification. You can go on to take more courses that deliver more credentials.

Your Career Is What You Make It

It has been said that any person’s career is what they make it. We are big believers in that concept here at ProTrain. We can help you make yours as a project manager the best it can be through several different programs. We offer courses that are self-paced, live online, and live mentored. Feel free to ask about them before you enroll.

Taking a PMP certification course through ProTrain will prepare you to sit for the PMI exam. Completing a course takes a commitment of time and effort, but we believe you will find that it was worth it. Now if you are ready, let’s get started moving your career forward. Email for more info ( about a course.