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Educational Opportunities for Service Members and Their Families

Educational Opportunities for Service Members and Their Families

Life after military service does not have to be a financial struggle. And in fact, it shouldn’t be. That is why we work with the U.S. Armed Forces to offer educational opportunities for service members and their families. Through credentialing and financial assistance, we help military families prepare for life after service.

Rather than train service members for new careers, although doing so is entirely possible, we focus on courses and credentialing exams that prepare service members and their families to continue what they are already doing. Three of the programs we focus on are:

If your current military service, or that of your spouse, involves any of the skills covered by our credentialing programs, we invite you to consider adding new credentials that will make you more valuable when you finally transition to private sector employment.

Air Force COOL

The Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) program is described as a way for currently enlisted members of the Air Force to earn industry-recognized professional credentials, certifications, and licenses. The program covers all of the costs including study prep, exam fees, and licensing fees.

As things currently stand, eligible airmen can receive up to $4,500 for credentialing purposes. As with anything in the military, there are eligibility requirements attached to the Air Force COOL program. At the top of the list is a requirement to be on Title 10 or Title 32.502(f) orders throughout the entire credentialing process. Click here for a list of the other requirements.

U.S. Army Credentialing Assistance

The U.S. Army has its own credentialing program available to active-duty soldiers. ProTrain currently offers more than fifty approved courses eligible for U.S. Army Credentialing Assistance. The Army openly recommends credentialing to facilitate career advancement after military service. However, the Army also recognizes that credentialing improves Army readiness.

The Army facilitates its Credentialing Assistance through a platform known as ArmyignitED. The platform streamlines financial assistance and credentialing applications in one online location. If you have plans to take advantage of the Army’s credentialing program, you should probably familiarize yourself with ArmyignitED.

My Career Advancement Account

Last but not least is the My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) for military spouses. The program offers up to $4,000 As a scholarship to be applied toward career training. The program is available to all spouses of active military members in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2.

ProTrain wants to do its part to assist military families, so we currently have a program under which we cover all book costs and exam fees for military spouses enrolling in our courses. We will even throw in a free laptop to make studying that much easier.

Military Families Deserve No Less

ProTrain fully supports the military’s efforts to help service members and their families through credentialing and career training programs. Military families deserve no less from their respective service branches. We are thrilled that we can help by partnering with the military on Air Force COOL, Army Credentialing Assistance, and MyCAA.

We offer hundreds of courses covering everything from medical billing to human resources management and information technology. We invite you to spend some time looking around our website. You are sure to find some courses that appeal to you.

If you are a current service member or spouse, we also invite you to look into the various programs designed to help you increase your skills and prepare for private-sector employment. There are some great credentialing programs just waiting for you to access. Enroll in the specific course