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End COVID-19 Worries with a Work from Home Career

With the current health scares in the country over COVID-19 and many businesses closing their doors, where does this leave you in your career? A record 3.3 million Americans have already filed for unemployment. Amidst this, some people are turning to training for work-from-home careers in an effort to bring in money to their households.

Have you always wanted to earn a great salary all while working from home? Knowing where to start and finding legitimate work from home jobs can be a bit tricky. But, if you equip yourself with the career knowledge you need to land the perfect job by brushing up on your current career or studying a brand new one, you will be well on your way. With the right education and dedication to your studies, a new work from home career can be yours in weeks!

The Top Trending Work from Home Careers are:

Medical TranscriptionistA medical transcriptionist is an integral part of a healthcare team. Transcriptionists must be familiar with the terminology used in every medical specialty and must be able to produce the documents and reports required by each specialty in a professional and competent manner. Salary* – $34,770

Social Media Strategist – A social media strategist understands the foundations of social media technologies, communication methods and how to engage consumers using various tools. Social media is used in every business setting, boosts brand recognition, and helps companies achieve organizational goals. Salary* – $31,190

Bookkeeping Administration – Bookkeepers have a solid understanding of business and financial accounting and its role in bookkeeping administration. Bookkeepers provide analysis of business transactions, record procedures using ledgers and journals, handle all accounting for sales and purchases, manage cash, perform payroll, and prepare and analyze basic financial statements. Salary* – $40,240

Travel and Tourism Agent – A travel agent understands the basic principles of the travel industry, can provide their clients advice on types of travel, and contributes strategies for sales and marketing in the travel industry. Salary* – $38,700

Event Planner – An event planner oversees every aspect of an event, from idea conception to programming, as well as day-of logistics. Event planners understand planning, budgeting, organization, timing, venue logistics, and guest situations. Salary* – $49,370

Child Care Provider – A childcare provider is familiar with the development and management of a child daycare center, including such elements as child development theories, legal considerations, bookkeeping, staffing, site management, and parental involvement. Salary* – $23,240

Sales and Marketing Professional – A Sales and Marketing professional uses marketing strategies and best practices to understanding customer needs and implements those while engaging customers through advertising and promotional campaigns. Salary* – $46,360

Writer – Do you enjoy writing and learning about new things? Have you ever wondered if you could make money writing magazine and digital web articles? The digital content business is thriving and growing, and the demand for well-written articles remains high. Salary* – $62,170

Web Developer – A web developer has the foundational knowledge to develop basic web sites using Hypertext Markup Language version 5 (HTML5) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Web developers understand coding, Java Script, and the functionality of web pages. Salary* – $69,430

Translator – A translator is an individual that speaks both English and a second language, such as Spanish. With the rise of the Spanish-speaking population in the United States, there is a demand for bilingual individuals that can perform translation duties. Salary* – $49,930

Taking a course in your current or desired career can be a great start to advancing and achieving your dream of working from home. Enroll TODAY and begin investing in your future career.

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*Salary calculations based on statistics at