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Luck and Your Success

Irish Blessing — May your troubles be less and your blessings be more. And nothing, but good luck come through your door.

Do you consider yourself lucky? Are you always in the right place at the right time? Is your career fulfilling? You may feel you have your life together. Or perhaps you are one of those people that feels they are unlucky. Nothing seems to go your way. You feel lost on your career path.

Part of good luck is knowing when to take a chance on a
good opportunity when it comes your way. Opportunities are all around us daily.
Take a chance and grab your luck. Feeling stuck in your career path can feel
unlucky. It can also leave you feeling unsatisfied and unhappy.

Here are a few tips for improving your luck in your career:

Listen to your Intuition

We are all born with a sense or intuition where things feel right or wrong. Listening to your intuition can help drive your career path. When you are on the right path, things should come a little easier for you. You may feel lucky. When you are on the wrong path, you will likely feel a sense of anxiety or dread about your career. Think about what brings you joy in your career path. Use that intuition to follow your dreams to a career path that will not only bring you luck but will also bring you a source of peace and happiness.

Positivity breeds luck

We all know those super happy-go-lucky people. They are the ones that seem to always have good luck. Perhaps they do have good luck. Or perhaps their positive attitude is bringing more opportunities their way. When you are happy with yourself and your career, that happiness leaves you feeling satisfied and increases your opportunities for success. It also shows those around you that you have joy about you. A positive attitude and joy about your career can lead to success.


See yourself as a positive, lucky person.
Imagine yourself in your perfect career. 
Is it the one you are already in? If so, do everything you can to
increase your potential within that career. Take on an extra project. Talk with
co-workers about their success. Increase your value with additional education.
If your current career is not what you imagine when you visualize your perfect
career, it may be time for a change. Take the leap of faith. It could lead to a
lucky life and feeling happy and satisfied with your work.

Taking a continuing education course in your current or desired career can be a great start to advancing and achieving success. While luck plays a huge role in our daily lives and success, making a conscious effort to increase your knowledge will gain you a leg up on the competition. Starting a new career can seem scary at first, but taking the leap will lead to a happier, more successful life.

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