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For the LOVE of Learning

3 Steps to Becoming a Life-Long Learner

You might think your education ends when you leave the hallways of high school or college.  But the answer is NO. You haven’t learned everything you need to know to be successful as the world around you is constantly changing. Continuing to learn and expanding your intelligence will make you a more valuable employee in the workforce. Learning daily will increase the knowledge of your hobbies, making them that much more enjoyable. NEVER STOP LEARNING!

Here are 3 steps to loving education and becoming a life-long learner:

Find your TALENT

What is your talent or passion? There’s that word again. We all have things we are passionate about, or topics we are interested in learning. When you take your passion or talent and turn it into a career, your life will have more meaning and purpose. You will love what you do. Or maybe you want to expand your knowledge in your current career so that your job will have more excitement. Learn more about your hobby so you can be the best you can be when you are ‘playing’. Take the things you are passionate about and continue to broaden your scope of knowledge.

Find your RESOLVE

Every adult should resolve to continue their education well past their school days. You should strive to learn daily. Becoming a life-long learner can open doors to career paths you hadn’t considered before, or simply make you stronger in your chosen career. Your education shouldn’t end when you leave high school or college. The world doesn’t stop – it continues to grow. And so should you. Look at learning as an opportunity and not a chore. Make a commitment to yourself and to your continued education.

Find your Learning

How do you learn best?  In-classroom with other learners and a teacher?  Online through a self-paced course? Or a combination of both – Live online? Finding your best path will lead to success. There are many opportunities to learn both in a classroom and online. Perhaps you need the commitment of showing up to a classroom regularly to stay on track. Or, maybe you thrive better in an online environment on your own time and schedule. Choose what will best fit your schedule and lifestyle. 

And ultimately make the COMMITMENT to yourself to continue
to learn daily!

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