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Gain quick entry into a job as a computer support technician

What if you could combine your love of helping people with a job in an in-demand, high-tech career? As a Computer Support Technician, you can.

At ProTrain, we offer several paths into a career as a Computer Support Specialist or Technician. Learn the necessary information technology skills to succeed in one of these competitive IT jobs at ProTrain. More than 100 technology-based Education 2 Employment programs offer quick entry into new careers for working adults, military service members, veterans, or anyone looking to grow their career with a new set of skills.

With a CompTIA A+ Certification, you’ll learn how to help and advise people and organizations with computer software and equipment. Our certification-prep course teaches students fundamental competence in areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, troubleshooting and security. But that’s not all. We’ve included customer service and communication training, to prepare you for real-world operations in business.

All students enrolled in the CompTIA A+ course also gain free access to a cloud-based lab to assist in developing practical information technology skills. This platform offers access to hardware in a digital environment, so students can practice exercises for their certifying exams without needing to buy their own hardware or risk damaging their own systems.

Additional courses to prepare you for other CompTIA+ certifications are also offered at ProTrain, including A+, Net+, and Security+, alongside vendor-specific certifications. You can also bundle CompTIA+ courses at a reduced price, to prepare for two professional certification exams at once and get started in an IT career sooner.

Whatever certification you chose, at ProTrain we’re passionate about connecting you with affordable training programs for in-demand IT skills. Talk to a training advisor to get personalized assistance today at 1.800.371.2963 or email or check out ProTrain’s course catalog online.