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Digital Marketing Education Reaches Tipping Point in the U.S.

Demand for digital marketing skills is outpacing supply. In the U.S., McKinley’s 2017 Marketing Hiring Trends report found that demand for digital marketing talent is 56 percent, with active supply at 24 percent. Also, according to Statista, an estimated 2.62 billion people will be using social media platforms in 2018, and that number is predicted to jump up to an astounding 3.02 billion users by 2021.

“Digital marketing expertise is not just essential for every marketer, but every employee,” said Ken Fitzpatrick, CEO of DMI. “As companies transform to a digital-first world, marketing must reflect this evolution. Chief Marketing Officers and their teams need the digital skills to thrive as brands compete to win market share. Non-marketers must also have a greater understanding of how to communicate with clients and other stakeholders using digital means.”

The tipping point of digital marketing:

1)     A digital skills gap exists – Marketers are increasingly relying on digital platforms to execute campaigns and account for their work. Digital marketing skills are set to increase in importance coupled with the value of critical and strategic thinking. A skills gap costs the U.S economy a whopping $1.3 trillion every year and comes at a time when productivity growth is already down over historical periods

2)    Mobile is the essential marketing channel – Although almost all channels are seen as important to marketers and are set to receive investment, however mastering mobile marketing is increasingly necessary to build an effective program. According to ComScore, 1.8 billion or more people use mobile devices globally, and 64 percent of Americans now own a smartphone. Also, 48 percent of Internet searches begin on mobile devices.

3)    AI and machine learning are top priorities for Chief Marketing Officers – Three in four organizations that implement AI and machine learning increase sales of new products and services by more than 10 percent according to Capgemini. Significant future investment in marketing will focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, social customer service, and emotional engagement.

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