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3 Ideas to Increase Enrollment Over the Holidays

The holiday season is busy for you and your potential students. However, sales tend to decline in student enrollment and customized training. Increase your Protrain course sales with these three easy, cheap and quick ideas to help drive more business.

Idea 1: Offer an Opportunity to Learn

Professional Development Suggestions for Students

  • Most states have requirements for teachers to earn CEUs to maintain their licensure
  • According to the IRS, qualified education expenses are amounts paid by tuition, fees, and other related expenses under the Lifetime Learning Credit 
  • Learn a new skill, add new knowledge, etc.

Idea 2: Social Media & Mobile Apps


  • Share news about seasonal sales
  • Create a holiday discount coupon with a short time frame expiration date
  • Post videos featuring upcoming courses


  • Encourage students to post pictures of themselves taking an Online, LIVE Online, or In Person course and tag you
  • Encourage business customers to post something about their company and tag you

Idea 3: Flash Sale – Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Promotions Tailored to Customers Needs

  • Customize campaigns by leveraging students previous courses
  • Deliver tailored email campaigns that highlight deal(s) you are offering this holiday
  • Consider sending an email blast on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.