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Achieve Your Dream of a Career Change With CompTIA Training

Achieve Your Dream of a Career Change With CompTIA Training

If you are like so many other American workers, you often dream of a career change. You feel like your current job is a dead-end position with limited opportunities and earning power. You want more. You want a higher salary, better benefits, and more control over how your career progresses. Have you ever considered CompTIA A+ certification?

CompTIA is a nonprofit trade organization known formally as the Computing Technology Industry Association. They issue trade certifications to IT workers who undergo training and sit for their exams. Through ProTrain, you could become CompTIA certified in a number of different ways, including:

All of our CompTIA A+ certification programs prepare students to sit for certification exams. Passing an exam earns a certification and opens the door to incredible opportunities.

Why You Should Consider CompTIA A+ Certification

You have a number of options for pursuing a career change. You can go back to college and earn a 2–4-year degree. You can take an entry-level position and then work your way up. You can go to trade school or start your own business. So why choose certification training through ProTrain?

Consider the following:

1. Tech Jobs Are Wide Open

Technology runs the modern world. It is everywhere. As a result, tech jobs are wide open. Nearly every career path in the tech sector is hiring. Not only that, but the sector also pays extremely well – especially when workers have recognized certifications. A tech job could be the start of that new career you’ve been dreaming of.

2. Be Ready to Go in Months

Going back to school to get a degree is one way to embark on a new career. But working and going to school at the same time only delays your career change. It could take years to get where you want to go.

Take a CompTIA A+ certification course through ProTrain and you could be ready to go in months. For example, the CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 course is a mentor-supported course involving 180 hours of coursework. Upon completion and passing the certification exam, you will be well on your way to a rewarding career in IT security.

3. Earn More Than You Spend

College degrees are expensive. Just a single year in a public college can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You will pay a fraction of the cost for an online certification course. Best of all, you’ll be prepared for a high paying job.

According to CompTIA, the median salary in the IT sector is 89% higher than the median national wage. In no time at all, you’ll be earning a lot more than you paid for training. You also won’t have tens of thousands of dollars in student debt hanging over your head.

Online Training Is the Way to Go

The IT industry is incredibly specific when it comes to individual jobs and their requirements. You could earn a traditional college degree in IT and still not be prepared to begin work. Even with your degree, employers still value certifications. So why not go straight to the certifications and save the time and money you would otherwise put into a traditional degree program?

Here at ProTrain, we believe online training is the way to go for highly specialized IT careers. If you have been dreaming of a new career, we invite you to take a good look at our CompTIA A+ certification courses. Feel free to call us at (844) 292-8641 to speak with a career counsellor about an IT career or CompTIA A+ certification.