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5 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Career

Spring is officially here! It’s the perfect time for planting flowers, decluttering and spring cleaning.  It’s also the perfect time to “spring clean” your career.

Step 1 – Your Resume

  • Dust off your old resume and spruce it up. 
  • Write clear, concise and catchy descriptions for
    your job duties. 
  • Create bold headings and use color and images.
  • Keep your resume to 1 page (or 2 pages maximum)
    for better readability.
  • If necessary, hire a professional to help make
    your resume stand out in the crowd.

Step 2 – Your Perspective

  • Improve how you feel about your appearance by updating
    your wardrobe to new spring fashions.
  • If you wear a uniform to work, have them
    professionally cleaned, or purchase new ones to brighten your look.
  • Update your hair by getting it cut, adding
    color, or changing the way you wear it.
  • Take the stairs or go for a daily walk.
  • Wear a smile.

Step 3 – Your Work Space/Email

  • Get organized – use an inbox/outbox system in
    your workspace to decrease clutter.
  • Throw out old items you no longer use – ie,
    pencils, pens, etc.
  • Add a small plant or a personal picture to
    enhance your mood.
  • Go through your email inbox and create folders
    for important documents. 
  • Delete your trash bin and clear out junk mail.

Step 4 – Your Lifestyle

  • Audit your work/life balance. Take time out for
  • Examine your career goals – are you working
    towards your passion?
  • Take stock of your current finances.  How can you increase?  Where can you cut back?
  • Increase your communication skills.
  • Take inventory of your time management

Step 5 – Your Education

  • Consider a continuing education course related
    to your field.
  • If you’re unhappy in your career, take a chance
    on a new one.  Research educational requirements
    in the new field.
  • Become certified.
  • Attend webinars/seminars to improve your
    knowledge of your career.
  • Take a personal development course.

Let ProTrain help you obtain your educational goals within your career.  We offer a variety of certificate and certification courses to help increase your knowledge.