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The Top 5 Skills you need to start a Career in Bookkeeping and Accounting

Are you detail-oriented and good at math? Are you ready for a career in a flexible, growing field?

Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks are in demand. The need for these skilled professionals is expected to increase as the number of businesses grows and financial regulations become stricter.

Prepare for a career in business accounting with Bookkeeping Administration, an online, 12-month self-paced course at The ProTrain. Learn the skills successful bookkeepers rely on to analyze and record their organization’s financial transactions, including:

  • Attention to detail: Clerks must be detail-oriented in their work and capable of producing accurate financial records. Good bookkeepers will not only avoid making errors but catch errors others have made.
  • Integrity: As a bookkeeper, you’ll have control of an organization’s financial records. Bookkeepers must guard against the misuse of an organization’s funds and be trusted to handle confidential documents.
  • Math: Basic arithmetic skills and a comfort with numbers will help a bookkeeper in their daily work.
  • Business savvy: Bookkeepers are accountable to leadership for financial records and must learn to effectively communicate with others in their organization.
  • Computer skills: Bookkeepers need basic computer skills, including a comfort with spreadsheets and bookkeeping software like QuickBooks.

At ProTrain, we can teach you how to launch a successful career as a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping Administration will prepare you to take the QuickBooks Certified User certification exam to show employers you’re prepared to use the popular bookkeeping program to manage income, expenses, bank accounts, receivables, inventory, job costs, fixed assets, payables, loans, payroll, billable time, equity and more.

Browse all accounting and finance programs offered through ProTrain to get started or contact a training advisor today for help with enrollment in Bookkeeping Administration.