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ProTrain Announces a New Partnership

ProTrain, a leading provider of certification training, is proud to announce its partnership with The Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP). RBLP is an evidence-based program that helps leaders build resilience, overcome adversity and thrive in today’s ever-changing business environment.

This partnership will provide ProTrain’s clients with access to RBLP’s cutting-edge resilience-building curriculum. Through this program, leaders will learn how to develop a personal resilience plan, identify and manage stressors, build a support network, and much more.

ProTrain’s CEO, Betty L. Gardner states: “Our team is excited to have this great partnership with RBLP and the ability to serve both the Army CAP and AF COOL programs in the military, as well as military spouses in the MyCAA program. This partnership brings a great new offering to all of our school partners and a reach out to more B2B/B2C clients nationwide who will come to realize what great leadership development credentials this program can bring any company — large or small. This is a win-win for all involved!”

”Our team at the Resilience-Building Leader Program is excited and proud to be partnering with ProTrain,” said Mark Holman, Chief of Partnerships, at the Resilience-Building Leader Program. “As an Authorized Training Partner, the leadership training that they will provide will teach leaders how to build and lead resilient teams that make organizational learning and change possible.


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About ProTrain, LLC

Since 2004, ProTrain’s turn-key solutions and partnerships with continuing education institutions have provided various programs for corporate, government, and individuals including Military Tuition Assistance (TA), Military Spouses Scholarship (MyCAA), Wounded Warriors, Veterans, Vocational Rehabilitation, and for Unemployed or Underemployed (WIOA). As a nationally accredited virtual school, ProTrain offers quality classroom, online, and live synchronous training to hundreds of colleges, universities and business partners that meet national, regional, and local requirements successfully leading students to a career in a high demand field. ProTrain will help move students and America forward to achieve the goal of “Education to Employment.” Learn more at


About Resilience-Building Leader Program

The Resilience-Building Leader Program™ is the credentialing body for the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional™ (RBLP™) series of leadership certifications. Its mission is to identify and certify people that are ready to build resilient teams and lead them in a challenging environment. Founded in 2018 on the premise that collective resilience is essential for organizational learning and change, RBLP’s purpose is to share this truth with leaders everywhere to develop a worldwide community of practices committed to the idea of Building Resilient Teams™. Learn more at

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