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Improve Training Outcomes with Mentors

Live Mentored programs are a new modality that are becoming more popular among students in order to successfully complete their courses. These programs offer bi-weekly interaction sessions between the student and instructor who can assist with problem-solving, study tips and overall course progress. The advantage of this type of program is that it provides a balance between self-paced and live online learning. This allows students to get the most out of their learning experience, while still having access to support.


The concept of mentoring has helped the effectiveness of online learning. Since instructors are carefully selected in online learning students are more likely to succeed. According to the results of an online educational research analysis of 2,880 poll responses, students who are mentored are roughly twice as likely to pass the exam.


A Successful Mentorship

In a traditional classroom, learners often follow a strict schedule and are surrounded by the instructor and their peers. But that’s not the same in an online environment, as the responsibility is on you the student to carve out an individualized schedule. As a result, online learning may be challenging for some.

The mentor’s job is to establish familiarity and consistency with you to survive and succeed within this context. Instructors might do this by introducing themselves to students before the training course begins, encouraging learners to ask questions, practicing active listening, and answering mentee messages.

Students tend to be a lot more receptive to a mentor once trust is established. You’ll probably then find it easier to engage with the mentor and discuss any problems you may come across in your studies. Some appreciate a little more hand-holding, but others may prefer to move through the course independently without feeling pestered.


Supercharged Learning

Our self-paced learning experience, which features biweekly sessions with a mentor, helps you absorb information more effectively and remember it for longer. Instructors work with students during the live sessions and help them to engage with the material. This type of learning is beneficial because you can gain heaps of knowledge and skills while learning at your own pace. Rather than having someone else control when you learn, you can take charge and set your own pace.

Programs generally offer approximately 150 hours of instruction, 4-6 months of bi-weekly mentored sessions, and 12-month course access to prepare for your national certification exams. Our comprehensive program provides you with all the essential tools you need to obtain your certification.


A Better Outcome 

Mentors in your online courses can improve learning outcomes and provide an excellent balance between self-paced and live online learning, which helps you successfully complete your course. They offer the benefits of both types of learning while avoiding the disadvantages. This makes them an excellent choice for students who want to learn at their own pace, while still having the opportunity to ask questions and get help from an instructor.

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