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Presenting the In Pursuit of Ethics online course

ethicsbusinessProTrain, in cooperation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of NC has developed an “In Pursuit of Ethics” online course that will allow BBB clients to view a course that up to now was only available in a face to face seminar event.  The immediate goal of providing this class is quite simply to encourage consideration of good ethical choices before taking action when faced with a dilemma. With this training course, neither the particular situation nor the venue matters.  Whether at home, the workplace, school or sporting event, it allows the learner to think through the ramifications of ethical based decisions.  The course asks the learner questions like:  How will the outcome affect you, your family, business associates, fellow students, teammates or opponents, etc.? Will the result make you proud? Who will benefit from it? Who might be adversely affected and how by your decision?

In pursuing ethics training for the BBB, we do not seek a definition of a philosophic term; rather, we hope to create a habit of behavior that is truthful, fair and beneficial to all parties. Once this becomes a matter of habit, we are able to respond as a matter of course rather than one of thought. Routinely, we will do the right thing for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. Doing the right thing is the right thing to do. Most often, we know the right thing to do, but the bigger question is….”What would YOU do…really do…in that situation. This easy to learn course teaches the learner that we should always remember that we’re not what we say we’ll do…..”WE ARE WHAT WE DO”.

This course was developed in conjunction with the Raleigh NC and Toledo OH BBB leadership. The course introduces the learner to the principles of ethics in business and ethics in life because Ethics Are Ethics.


Course Outline includes 5 lessons with some checks on learning (quizzes) to assure the learner has mastered the training objectives:

  • Lesson 1: Ethics is an Everyday Thing
  • Lesson 2: Ethics in Business
  • Lesson 3: Ethical Business Culture
  • Lesson 4: Ethical Choice
  • Lesson 5: Conclusion

All necessary materials are included. Most learners will be able to take this course in approximately 3 hours, and will receive a Certificate of Training from their local BBB upon successful completion of the course. That completion will result in that learner and its associated business to get the designation of “An Ethical Minded Business” as shown in the logo above, which they can use on their marketing material. Only 3% of all businesses have achieved this coveted designation.