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Our In-Demand Administrative Office Assistant Certificate Course - ProTrain College

Our In-Demand Administrative Office Assistant Certificate Course

As a leader in online professional training, we are frequently asked about the most demanded courses we offer. Things change from time to time. But right now, one of the most popular courses is our Administrative Office Assistant certificate course. It prepares students for a career in the highly skilled field of office administration.

Modern offices are managed by office managers and their assistants. The Administrative Office Assistant certificate course would prepare you to be an assistant to either an office manager, executive, or a mid-level business manager. The course covers a number of topics employees would expect you to be familiar with.

Things Learned From Our Administrative Office Assistant Certificate Course

It would be both impractical and impossible in such a short blog post to describe every detail pertaining to this particular course. Still, we can highlight some of the things learned. For example, in order to succeed as an administrative office assistant, you need at least entry level technology skills.

You need to be familiar with the types of technologies used in a typical office. You need to be familiar with computer systems, word processors, and so forth. The course covers these sorts of things.

Here are some other things you will learn:

  • Office Etiquette – The business world is very specific in terms of how offices are run and managed. Office etiquette explains everything. The Administrative Office Assistant course offers a thorough introduction to etiquette and how it applies on a day-to-day basis.
  • Reception Skills – Administrative office assistants are often tasked with reception responsibilities. We cover them as well. We teach the necessary skills to be a good receptionist.
  • Correspondence – Administrative office assistants also need to correspond with others on behalf of their supervisors. Our course teaches how to do that via email, telephone, etc.
  • Calendar Management – Managing a supervisor’s calendar is a typical administrative assistant task. Calendar management includes scheduling tasks and meetings, resolving conflicts, and making sure the supervisor is always aware of their commitments.

There are additional skills administrative office assistants need to possess in order to succeed. Rest assured our course hits all the most important touch points. At the conclusion of the course, ProTrain issues a certificate verifying that all the material has been completed.

ProTrain’s Administrative Office Assistant is a self-paced course offering 180 hours of instruction the student can complete on their own schedule. It is also a 12-month course, meaning that the material is accessible online for 365 days.

What the New Administrative Office Assistant Can Expect

The position of administrative office assistant may be considered an entry level position, but it is also an open door to a lifelong career in office management. Entry level assistants often see numerous opportunities to advance over time.

What can a new administrative office assistant expect in terms of day-to-day tasks? In a nutshell, the assistant provides administrative support to office managers, executives, mid-level managers and other staff members as needed. This includes things like:


  • Scheduling meetings and appointments.
  • Fielding incoming calls and emails.
  • Preparing documents, like reports and presentations.
  • Coordinating meetings and conferences.
  • Performing routine data entry and record keeping.
  • Maintaining the office, including ordering office supplies.

The administrative office assistant could be assigned any number of tasks based on supervisor preferences. We do our best to cover every contingency with our online professional training. To learn more about the Administrative Office Assistant course, or any of our other professional certification programs, send an email to One of our career counselors will be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.