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We have great news to help you enhance your job and career success immediately!

At ProTrain, we never stop trying to enhance your job opportunities and career success. ProTrain understands that real-world Workforce Development Skills are necessary to get good, high paying jobs and succeed in a career.  Knowledge is not enough. Employers are looking for employability skills. Top employees are simply better at communicating effectively, presenting solutions, selling their ideas, and gaining collaboration from co-workers, clients, and vendors to work as a team.  Providing these skills ensures our alumni are the best-prepared candidates chosen or the person promoted. It is the difference between “good enough” and “excellent”. 

The National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) is offering the two Tuition-Free online Workforce Development courses, Workplace Communications, and Consultative Selling. Each course tuition of $599 is waived for anyone who enrolls between now and September 28. Participants pay only a $10/course registration fee.  You can boost your job or career prospects in less than 40 hours by taking Workplace Communications (26 hours) or Consultative Selling (34 hours). You have until December 31, 2018, to complete. 

Please take advantage of this time-sensitive opportunity to enhance your skill set, boost your job effectiveness and grow your career. 

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