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Technical Writing Fundamentals


Technical Writing Fundamentals

This course will focus on skills that employers demand in today's workplace-thinking, listening, composing, revising, and editing. At the completion of this course students will have acquired many workplace skills through integrated and applied instruction so that mastering technical writing is relevant and exciting. The text for this course features an engaging writing style, student and real-world models, write-to-learn activities, expanded oral presentation coverage, and provides instruction on the less common documents not covered in general communication texts, e.g., proposals, news releases, science lab reports, and instructions. Chapter contents include technical research; writing for the Web; brief informative, brief investigative and recommendation reports; as well as technical reading.



Access Length

180 Days





Course Overview

In this course students will be introduced to the basics of technical writing through hands-on writing projects. Students will learn the process of technical writing including identifying the audience, organizing the content, and document revision. Students will also learn good document design. Students will practice their skills on various kinds of documents and writing types, including writing for the web, definitions, descriptions, instructions, reports, and basic business communications.

Course Outline:

  • Students will identify how technical writing is used and the processes and teams involved in technical writing.
  • Students will create a plan to analyze readers and organize documents.
  • Students will choose a tone organization and format to write letters, memos and emails.
  • Students will plan the organization of their documents and make revisions to style and language.
  • Students will organize and plan writing for the web.
  • Students will plan and write definitions and descriptions.
  • Students will plan and write documents that explain procedures.
  • Students will plan and write short and long reports.
  • Students will write resumes and prepare oral reports.
  • Students will create a portfolio of technical writing projects completed in the course.


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