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Life Coach


Life Coach

Life Coaching is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand professional services. Life Coaches work with clients to help them establish and achieve their professional goals, as well as personal aspirations. This course will provide you with the skills you need to become a successful life coach. Through theoretical and practical applications, you will learn how to work with clients in every aspect of life. You will learn coaching fundamentals, including listening skills and the language of coaching. From there, you will go beyond the basics to learn how to work with individual clients to help them establish their personal and professional goals. When a student completes this course, they will be fully prepared to help individuals through one-on-one and group coaching.



Access Length

12 Months





Course Overview

Students will:
  • Identify the coaching fundamentals required for effective life skills coaching.
  • Identify the basic asking skills that make up the framework of the coaching conversation.
  • Describe the process used to help clients discover their goals.
  • Identify the strategies and tools that can be used with clients to help them identify the challenges that are holding them back from developing and accomplishing their goals.
  • Identify the advanced life coaching skills that will help clients move beyond the planning stage to the action stage.
  • Identify the different coaching niches.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Listening as a Life Coach

This lesson will introduce you to the three levels of listening that coaches need to use when working with clients. You will also be shown a listening template that can be used as a working tool when gathering

Lesson 2: The Language of Coaching

Successful life coaching involves having many conversations with clients about their goals and expectations. This lesson focuses on the mechanics of those conversations and how the flow can lead to improved outcomes.

Lesson 3: Coaching as a Developmental Change Process

Clients who seek out a life coach are looking to make changes in their lives. This lesson focuses on how to walk clients through those changes. Several theories on change are covered.

Lesson 4: Empowering the Client

One of the major roles of a life coach is to create an atmosphere that empowers the client to identify obstacles in their lives and assist them in overcoming these obstacles. This lesson will explore ways to empower clients to make these realizations.

Lesson 5: Stretching the Client

This lesson covers how to challenge a client to acheive their goals, when more passive means are not working.

Lesson 6: Creating Momentum with the Client

It is not just enough for clients to make one change, as a life coach, you want them to maintain the behavior that led to change. This lesson is about creating and maintaining momentum with a client.

Lesson 7: Coaching the Whole Client: Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit

Being a life coach doesn’t just require working with people’s goals. You also have to work with body practices and emotions. This lesson focuses on wholistic assessments with clients.

Lesson 8: The Power of Purpose

This lesson is about establishing life purpose with clients. Topics will include defining life purpose and how to discover it with clients.

Lesson 9: Design Your Life

Many clients say they know what they want but are not always honest with themselves about what their end goals should be. This lesson focuses on helping clients explore the life of their dreams and how to walk them through exercises to establish what their dream life could be.

Lesson 10: What Gets in Your Way?

Once clients have identified their purpose and envisioned their dream life, they must identify obstacles that could get in their way. This lesson will help you work with clients in identifying their obstacles so they can then work on ways to overcome them.

Lesson 11: Steering Your Life by True North

This lesson deals with personal values. Those beliefs that drive people to do what they do. In this lesson you will work with clients to set values to guide their actions

Lesson 12: Walk the Talk

As a follow up to Lesson 11, this lesson focuses on what actions a client needs to do to align thier lives with the values they have set.

Lesson 13: Play Full Out

In this lesson, you will work with clients on helping them fully participate in their goals and vision.

Lesson 14: How Wealthy Are You?

Being wealthy does not have to deal with only being monetarily rich. This lesson dives into ways of being wealthy that don’t just deal with money.

Lesson 15: Mind-Set is Causative

This lesson focuses on mind-set, those habitual patterns of thinking that guide our actions and values.

Lesson 16: Love is All we Need

Often, clients feel isolated and lonely. This is counter-productive to allow for change and creativity. This lesson will present ways to help clients live a connected life.

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