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Careers that travel: Top jobs for military spouses

Military spouses need flexible careers. At ProTrain, flexible careers start with a flexible education.

Quick-start career pathway programs are available to help military spouses prepare for a job in a high-demand field, wherever the military takes you. And with the new Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) Initiative, military spouses can even qualify for up to $4,000 in scholarships toward their education. Online classes are available with rolling start dates in a variety of fields, including business, information technology, and healthcare.

Start your own business

Turn a hobby into a career with business courses for emerging entrepreneurs. Career certificate programs are available in photography, personal fitness, day care administration, wedding and event management, floristry, landscaping, and interior decorating. Learn sales strategies, marketing, customer management and more with online classes designed to give students the tools, information, and strategies they need to launch a business in their chosen field.

Learn to build webpages

For example, the ProTrain’s five-course program in web design and development will provide you with the skills to start a career developing and designing websites from anywhere in the world. Courses include HTML/XHTML Introduction, Adobe Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Building Websites for a Modern Web. Many other options are available to you in the IT field as well!

Meet high-tech healthcare demands

Tech-savvy administrative professionals are needed to manage new electronic medical records and computer-based health information systems as administrative medical assistants, one of the fastest growing careers in the healthcare industry. Get certified as an Administrative Medical Assistant or Electronic Health Records Career Prep Professional to provide day-to-day support to physician practices, hospitals, chiropractic practices, and other health care providers in this high-demand field. Explore additional healthcare career options as well!

Whatever career pathway you chose, ProTrain is here to serve you. Call 1.800.371.2963 or email  to talk to someone about educational opportunities for military spouses. Visit our MyCAA portal online for more information on a military-friendly education today.