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Boost Your HR Career with a Professional in HR Certification

Boost Your HR Career with a Professional in HR Certification

People who work in human resources (HR) are often referred to as ‘HR professionals’ or ‘professionals in HR’. That’s not necessarily a problem except when you’re talking about the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. Not all HR personnel have the certification. Those that do have demonstrated an advanced amount of knowledge and skill in certain HR related tasks.

ProTrain offers a comprehensive PHR certification program. Choose between a Live Online, Life Mentored, or self-paced course. You can earn your certification in whatever way suits you best. More importantly, being certified can have a positive impact on your career.

More About the Certification

The PHR certification is accredited by the Human Resource Certification Institute. A person who possesses this certification has demonstrated a strong foundation in HR principles, policies, and procedures. The individual has a specific body of knowledge that demonstrates core competencies. Finally, a certified individual has demonstrated proficiency throughout the HR space.

Should you decide to take our PHR certification course, you will gain a more thorough understanding of:

  • employee relations.
  • employee training and development.
  • compensation and benefits.
  • staff and workforce planning.
  • HR regulatory compliance.
  • HR risk management.

The PHR certification program is ideal for current HR workers who already have 4-5 years of service under their belts. It helps to have experience in areas directly covered by the certification exam. So if you are looking to advance your career beyond general HR, this could be the perfect certification program for you.

What the Certification Course Covers

Above and beyond general concepts, the PHR certification course dives into some specific areas requiring advanced knowledge and skill. At the top of the list is something known as strategic and operational HR. It is rooted in the understanding that HR’s role runs far deeper than keeping track of employee information and running payroll. HR plays a vital role in a company’s organizational strategy and strategic operations.

Strategic and operational HR delves into that role and how it affects business continuity. It involves the company’s organizational strategy as well as how the workforce fits in. Planning and talent management principles are a major focus.

The course also covers:

  • Talent Acquisition – Talent acquisition is all about recruiting, hiring, onboarding new employees, and developing solid employee relations.
  • Employee Development – The course covers employee education and training, development, and performance management concepts in-depth.
  • Employee Compensation – You’ll learn more advanced concepts relating to employee salary, benefits, and incentive programs.
  • Risk Management – Risk management in the HR setting involves a variety of things ranging from regulatory compliance to maintaining employee relations. Everything you do in this regard is designed to mitigate risk for the employer.

Upon completing the certification program, you will sit for the certification exam. It is a 175-question test with a time limit of three hours. Passing the test means earning your certification. Note that certification must be renewed every three years through additional educational resources.

Contact Us to Learn More

As a current HR professional, you might want to boost your earning potential while opening the door to new opportunities within your field. The Professional and Human Resources certification could be your steppingstone to greater opportunities. With certification, you’re a more valuable employee with more to contribute.

Please contact ProTrain to learn more about our online course. We are more than happy to answer questions as well as guide you through the process of signing up and getting started. One final thing to remember: the title Professional in Human Resources doesn’t necessarily equal certification. To be certified, you need to take the course and pass the test. Email for more info ( about a course.