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Are you a military spouse? You may be eligible for education funding through MyCAA

On average, military families move every two or three years . This causes challenges for military spouses who are interested in pursuing career training.

However, ProTrain works with colleges and universities across the US to offer online training in a variety of high-demand portable career profiles – and many are already MyCAA approved!

Whether you are interested in a career in IT, healthcare, accounting, or something else, we have course for you that can get you started on a career pathway.

At ProTrain, our online classes are available with rolling start dates in a variety of fields, so classes are available whenever and wherever you choose. Browse the catalog of self-paced, portable courses at ProTrain’s own MyCAA portal.

MyCAA provides a maximum education benefit of up to $4,000 with an annual fiscal year cap of $2,000 to assist eligible military spouses in acquiring a professional credential needed to meet their portable career goal.

If you are a military spouse of E1-E5, O1-O2,  or W1-W2 pay grades and want more information concerning online educational pathways and the benefits of certifications for high-demand jobs call us at  1-800-762-9881 to speak with a qualified training advisor. Or fill out this form and someone will get back to you very soon.


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