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Principles of Time Management


Principles of Time Management

In this fast-paced world all too often it seems that time is a precious commodity. There never seems to be enough time in our day to do the things we need to accomplish. In this course students explore various approaches to managing time and organizing our schedules so that anyone can find a method that works for them. We will explore ways to prioritize what we need to do but allow time to do what we want to do.



Access Length

180 Days





Course Overview

This course will explore techniques for managing your time so that you can avoid procrastination. Practical techniques and tips are provided to help you focus on those tasks that will provide more meaning in your life, and change the way you think about time-wasting activities.

Students will:
  • Identify the seven steps for writing goals.
  • Explain the 80/20 rule.
  • Describe the ABCDE method.
  • Explain productive ways to procrastinate.
  • Describe methods for motivating oneself.
  • Identify pros and cons of technology.
  • Explain best practices in completing tasks.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Planning

In this lesson, you will learn about planning your tasks and the way you prioritize your work. You will learn tips on how to prioritize, and methods for deciding which tasks will yield the best outcomes.

Lesson 2: The ABCDE Method and the Law of Three

In this lesson, you will learn methods to help prioritize and organize your tasks, and identify your key result areas. You will learn talking points to discuss your most important tasks with your supervisor.

Lesson 3: Beginning your Work

In this lesson, you will learn how to actually begin your work for the best results. We will also address how to upgrade your key skills and identify your key constraints.

Lesson 4: Motivating Yourself

In lesson 4, you will learn helpful tips and techniques for self-motivation. We will also discuss how technology can be both a huge help as well as a hinderance.

Lesson 5: Completing your Work

In this final lesson, you will learn about how to finish tasks and tips for creating uninterrupted time. We will also review the 21 tips found in the book that will help you successfully manage your time.

All necessary course materials are included.

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