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GRE Exam Prep Part I


GRE Exam Prep Part I

This course will provide you with test-taking techniques and methods for improving your score and saving time on the GRE (Graduate Records Examinations). You will review the types of questions you will see on the test and learn how you can tackle concepts that may be new to you. You will review verbal lessons as well as quantitative lessons. You will review actual GRE questions from previous years which are an excellent way to prepare for your own test.



Access Length

180 Days





Course Overview

Students will:
  • Review the different types of questions found on the GRE
  • Learn strategies to approach each type of question on the GRE
  • Practice using proven strategies on actual GRE questions

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Overview of GRE

Your first lesson will introduce you to the GRE. You will look at the structure and format of the actual test. You will also review key information such as when/how to register and how your test will be scored. Lastly, you will learn more about how schools use your score.

Lesson 2: General GRE test-taking strategies

This second lesson will review some basic test-taking strategies than can improve your GRE score. You will look at items like time management, how to approach certain types of questions and how to best prepare for test day.

Lesson 3: GRE Analytical Writing

In this lesson you will look, in depth, at the analytical writing section of the GRE. You will examine how it is used and how to approach it. Once you understand how it is scored, you will then review examples and the best methods to achieve the highest score.

Lesson 4: GRE Text Completion

This section will help you do best on this section that measures your ability to use information to solve text completion questions. You will learn about the format of this section and see examples of the types of problems you will encounter.

Lesson 5: GRE Sentence Equivalence

In this lesson, you will look at sentence equivalence questions from the GRE. You will see examples and strategies for answering these questions. The content of this lesson will give you more confidence as you approach this area of the test.

Lesson 6: GRE Reading Comprehension

This lesson reviews reading comprehension questions you will see on the GRE.  Reviewing examples and strategies will help you feel more comfortable with this section on test day.

Lesson 7: GRE Quantitative Section

The quantitative section of the GRE is the last section you will review in this course. You will touch on this section, but can find more details in the GRE Prep Course II.

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