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Cannabis Dispensary Operations


Cannabis Dispensary Operations

This program provides a comprehensive understanding of the cannabis sales industry, covering medicinal aspects, dispensary operations, diverse roles, and business essentials for opening and running a successful dispensary in the US and Canada.



Access Length

12 Months





Course Overview

Course Outline:

Module 1: Cannabis Basics and Dispensaries

Learning objectives: Describe the cannabis plant,1 1 its historical importance, and its classifications. Explain the process of selecting terpenes and cannabinoids based on specific medicinal uses, identify common cannabis products, describe their applications, and interpret cannabis product labels.

Lesson 1: What is Cannabis – Explore fundamental concepts in cannabis, covering its origins, different cultivars, and an array of strains. Dive deep into understanding the intricacies of the plant’s anatomy, life cycle, and reproductive processes. Gain an introductory understanding of the endocannabinoid system.

Lesson 2: Components of Cannabis – Immerse yourself in the components of cannabis, including THC, CBD, and terpenes, and their therapeutic effects on patients. Discover how different cannabis strains have potential advantages for various health conditions. Additionally, analyze the entourage effect and the dynamic interplay between CBD and THC.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Products – Learn to navigate the vast realm of cannabis products with expertise. Explore the inventory available at dispensaries, various consumption methods, product diversity, quality-determining factors, CBD:THC ratios, potency labeling, cannabinoids, diverse concentrate types, edible ingredients, cannabis oils, the physiological impact of edibles, and the benefits of topical products for skin concerns, pain management, and inflammation.

Module 2: Cannabis as Medicine and Dispensaries

Learning Objectives: After completing the Cannabis3 1 1 As Medicine and Dispensaries class, you’ll be able to explain how historical events have influenced cannabis laws and public perception. Additionally, you’ll understand the process of registering as a medical cannabis patient or caregiver and comprehend how various cannabis treatments can alleviate specific medical symptoms and conditions.

Lesson 1: History of Medical Cannabis – Explore the historical evolution of medical cannabis, from ancient hemp cultivation to present-day use. Topics include changes in U.S. cannabis laws, medical research, regulations, synthetic medications, state legalization, politics, ongoing studies, patient concerns, and advocacy.

Lesson 2: Medical Cannabis Programs in the United States and Canada – Explore medical cannabis programs in the United States and Canada, including possession limits, qualifying conditions, and patient and caregiver registration.

Lesson 3: The Endocannabinoid System – Delve into the endocannabinoid system (ECS), its interaction with cannabis cannabinoids, and potential health benefits. This lesson covers the historical context of the ECS, its regulatory role in bodily functions, interactions with other physiological systems, and conditions associated with ECS imbalances.

Lesson 4: Conditions Treated by Cannabis – Investigate common medical conditions that respond well to cannabis treatment and understand its value in healthcare. Topics include research on cannabis and the ECS, palliative care, comparisons with traditional pain management, and its potential benefits for various conditions, including arthritis, depression, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cancer, obesity, and emotional well-being.

Lesson 5: Administering Cannabis – Learn how to effectively advise people to administer cannabis, help determine appropriate dosages, and address potential side effects, drug interactions, and special considerations for patients. Topics include cannabis administration methods, dosage calculation, potential side effects, and interactions with other medications.

Module 3: Cannabis Dispensary Careers

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the Cannabis 5 1Dispensary Careers class, you will have the knowledge to explain the requirements for working in the cannabis industry in a specific US state, or Canadian province. You’ll also learn how to gain experience, find job openings, create a cannabis industry resume and cover letter, excel in job interviews, and grasp the roles, responsibilities, education, experience, advancement prospects, pay rates, and essential skills for primary cannabis dispensary and budtender roles.

Lesson 1: Government Requirements for Cannabis Industry Worker – This lesson provides essential information about the prerequisites for working in a dispensary in the United States and Canada. It covers age requirements, work permits, fees, and training needs, ensuring you have a solid understanding of the legal aspects of a cannabis career.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Career Basics – Get acquainted with beginning a career in cannabis dispensaries. From discovering job opportunities on job boards, social media, and through networking, to crafting an impressive resume and cover letter tailored to the marijuana industry, you’ll acquire effective job-hunting strategies in this growing field.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Dispensary and Budtender Careers – This lesson covers various roles within dispensaries, such as budtenders and managers, outlining their responsibilities, educational prerequisites, earning potential, and vital job skills. You’ll also gain insights into recommending medical cannabis products for specific health conditions.

Module 4: Cannabis Dispensary Business

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the Cannabis 6 1Dispensary Business class, you’ll gain the ability to determine if business license applications are open in a US state or Canadian province. You’ll also be equipped to outline the necessary steps for obtaining a business license and comprehend the challenges in the cannabis industry. You’ll learn how to create a comprehensive cannabis business plan, and understand marketing, transportation, and legal considerations of a dispensary business. You’ll also be able to develop a plan for successfully operating a cannabis dispensary, focusing on essential elements like customer service, security, and sanitation.

Lesson 1: Government Requirements for Cannabis Businesses – Learn the ins and outs of obtaining a license to operate a cannabis business in the United States and Canada. This lesson offers a comprehensive guide to the application requirements in legal states, provinces, and territories, including details on age limits, fees, and necessary training.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Business Basics – Before entering the booming cannabis industry, get a firm grasp of the basics. This lesson covers everything from crafting a business plan and overcoming challenges to pricing strategies and marketing in the competitive marijuana landscape.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Dispensary Businesses – Opening a dispensary comes with its unique challenges, such as compliance and location planning. This lesson provides insights on legal considerations, store setup, quality management, customer service, security, and catering to both medical and recreational marijuana customers.

Module 5: Intro to Cannabis Laws/Regulations and Dispensaries

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the Intro12 2 to Cannabis Laws/Regulations and Dispensaries class, you’ll have the ability to clarify the present state of federal cannabis policy in the United States and Canada. You’ll also be able to outline the legal limits for cannabis possession and cultivation in a specific US state and a Canadian province.

Lesson 1: Cannabis Laws in the United States – Explore US cannabis laws, including adult use, medical, and recreational programs in each state. The lesson covers federal and state regulations, public support, legal interactions, court cases, federal laws, privacy concerns, firearms, the DEA, medical and recreational programs, and specifics of cannabis possession, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, and trafficking.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Laws in Canada – Explore Canadian cannabis laws post-legalization. This lesson covers the Cannabis Act, federal medical programs, Health Canada, qualifying conditions, federal laws on possession, public consumption, distribution, cultivation, and provincial/territorial regulations.

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