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Retail Banking


Retail Banking

This program acquaints the participants with an in-depth understanding of various knowledge areas that are required of a modern banking professional. The students will be equipped with the knowledge of the various retail banking products, how to effectively sell these products and services, and how to build a long-term relationship with their customers. The students will also be provided with essential technology skills required to work effectively.



Access Length

12 Months


Mentor Supported


Course Overview

This e-learning course on BBM – Retail Banking is designed to help users understand different types of loan products offered by banks. Further, the course discusses in detail about different aspects like: features of mortgage loans and auto loans. The course also discusses the role and functions of tellers in banks.

Course Outline:

Mortgage Loans
  • Definition and explanation of mortgage
  • The essential components of a mortgage
  • Different types of mortgage
  • Generally followed practices in mortgage lending
Auto Loans
  • Meaning of auto loans
  • The features of auto loans
  • Types of auto loans
  • Meaning of credit score
  • The terms and conditions applicable to auto loans
Teller Functions
  • The main functions of a commercial bank from the teller’s point of view
  • The role of tellers
  • The functions of tellers
  • The knowledge and skill required for tellers
  • The regulatory compliance requirements for tellers
Ancillary Services – Credit Cards
  • Identify the diifrent means of payment modes.
  • List and explain the types of cards.
  • Explain the features of credit card.
  • Identify the cost to the issuing bank.
  • Identify the revenues to the issuing bank.
  • list the benifits to various parties for using credit cards.

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