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Global Capital Markets


Global Capital Markets

The certificate in Global Capital Markets is a specialized program for professionals who want to acquire in-depth understanding of the financial markets. This course integrates the conceptual knowledge with procedural information about how markets function along with analysis skills.



Access Length

12 Months


Mentor Supported


Course Overview

Financial markets have evolved over the past few years and become very robust and complex in nature. To be able to succeed, it requires specialized knowledge and skills of both the functioning of the markets and the financial instruments.

These e-learning modules on financial markets and instruments not only offer the readers a basic understanding of the various markets and instruments but also provide detailed knowledge covering the qualitative and quantitative aspects of all markets and the instruments traded therein.

Course Outline:

  • Explain the need of prime brokerage
  • Describe the major services offered by prime brokers
  • Discuss the future of prime brokerage
Commodity and Energy Markets
  • Types of commodities and their characteristics
  • Delivery and settlement methods in commodity trading
  • Natural gas and electricity market
  • Various types of commodity derivatives
  • Commodity forwards
  • Commodity futures
  • Commodity options
  • Commodity swaps
Equity Markets
  • Understand the dynamics of global equity markets
  • Apply various models to value equity
  • Use equity derivatives for hedging as well as trading purposes
  • Enhance returns and measure performance using portfolio management techniques
  • Design and structure equity-structured products
Fixed Income Markets
  • Types and Features of Fixed-Income Securities
  • Bond Mathematics
  • Characteristics of Various Global Bonds
  • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
  • Fixed Income Derivatives
  • Various Trading Strategies
  • Describe floatation as a source of finance and illustrate its advantages and disadvantages
  • Explain the listing requirements; list the contents of prospectus; and describe the listing procedure
  • Describe the IPO trends, stages of an IPO, and the roles of advisers and analysts in the IPO process
  • Describe various floatation methods and illustrate the effect of different factors on flotation method’s selection
  • Explain the concept and the necessity of subsequent issue of shares
Foreign Exchange Markets
  • Nuances of foreign exchange markets
  • Foreign exchange derivative products
  • Second-generation forward contracts
  • FX trading controls
Money Markets
  • Fundamentals of money markets
  • Terminology of instruments
  • Arithmetic involved
  • Issuance related aspects, and
  • Specific technicalities, if any
Trading Operation Controls
  • Trading and operational activities in trade life cycle
  • Various functions performed by the front office
  • Various functions performed by the middle office
  • Various functions performed by the back office

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