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Banking Management Operations


Banking Management Operations

This program acquaints the participants with an in-depth understanding of various knowledge areas that are required of banking professionals. The students will be equipped with the knowledge of the various banking products, operational aspects, and various technology and regulatory requirements. The students will also be provided with essential management and operational technology skills required to work effectively.



Access Length

12 Months


Mentor Supported


Course Overview

The key knowledge areas are:
  • Banking essentials
  • Banking products
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Trade Finance
  • Operational aspects
  • Banking technology
  • Regulatory environment
Banking essentials
  • An overview of the financial system
  • Role of banks
  • How banks operate (From managing assets to managing liabilities)
  • Understanding the relationship between a bank and customer
  • Types of customers
  • Types of bank accounts
  • Negotiable instruments (Checks, bills of exchange, etc.)
Banking products and services:
  • Consumer lending products
  • Consumer credit terminology
  • Overview of lending process
  • Various product features and benefits
Deposit Products:
  • Various product features and benefits
  • Credit Card Operations
  • Fee-based banking services
  • Services such as Demat accounts
  • Financial planning products/services
Foreign Exchange Management:
  • Overview of Foreign Exchange Markets
  • Foreign Exchange Dealings
  • Exchange Rate Mechanisms
  • Foreign Exchange Operations
Trade Finance:
  • International Trade Services
  • Modes of International Trade
  • Documentary Credit
  • Documentary Collections
  • Important Trade Documents
  • Trade Finance
  • Risks in International Trade
Operational Aspects:
  • Book Keeping and Accounting
  • Teller Functions
Banking technology:
  • Overview of banking technology/software
  • Using technology for speed, efficiency and accuracy
  • Electronic banking services and emerging trends
  • Plastic Wallet Technology
  • Tools for managing customer data
  • Security Issues and Systems Audit
  • Training/simulation of an actual banking software
Regulatory environment:
  • Regulatory Framework for Banking
  • Know Your Customer/Anti-money Laundering Guidelines
  • Regulatory Framework for International Trade
  • An independent research assignment, which will demonstrate their knowledge and competence in bank operations
Course Highlights:
  • Introduction to banking
  • Banker Customer Relationship
  • Types of Customers and Their Accounts
  • Negotiable Instruments and Related Matters
  • Overview of Deposit Function
  • Demand Deposits
  • Time Deposits
  • Types of Deposits – Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Overview of Credit Function
  • Principles and Practice of Lending
  • Financial Analysis for Lending
  • Securities for Lending
  • Credit Documentation and Sanctioning
  • Credit Monitoring and Loan Recovery
  • Asset Categorization
  • Credit Card Operations
  • Dematerialization and Other Services
  • Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Practice of Bookkeeping in Banks
  • Final Statements of Accounts of Banks
  • Foreign Exchange Remittance-I
  • Foreign Exchange Remittance-II
  • Foreign Exchange Transactions
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing of Bank Services
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Payment and Settlement System
  • Electronic Transfer of Funds
  • Teller Functions
  • Risk Management Principles
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Internal Controls in Banks
  • Banking Technology
  • Trade Finance – I
  • Trade Finance-II
  • Know Your Customer
  • HRM in Bank Branches
E-learning Features

Exhaustive theoretical material supplemented with contemporary case studies

Learner friendly courses with:
  • Formulae, definitions and concise summaries
  • Interactive simulations
  • Solved examples, practice exercises and quizzes
  • Mock exams from proprietary database
  • Timed tests in exam format
  • Personalized results for self assessment
  • Glossary, FAQs, Pocket Reference
  • Valuable reference extracts
Other features include:
  • E-mail subject-matter expert
  • Online with 24×7 customer support

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